My Life with George – Review

My Life with George by Judith Summers, Finished reading on 23th October 2009

1401322441.01.LZZZZZZZ Synopsis

“When Judith Summers first met George, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who would change her life, she and her young son, Joshua, were mourning the deaths of her husband and her father, who had died barely two weeks apart.

It was love at first sight. George was the ultimate upper-class pooch, and seemingly the perfect puppy, brimming with love and joy and complete with “the kind of film star looks that made strangers stop in the street and coo over him.

But, as Judith soon discovered, George was as time-consuming as a full-time job and as expensive to run as a Ferrari. Wilful, possessive, and badly behaved, he refused to eat anything other than organic roast chicken, destroyed her work, and suffered from every allergy and illness under the sun. On top of that, George was horribly accident-prone. Stuff happened to him. his vet bills alone have run $25,000 and George is still only nine years old!

It wasn’t long before King George ruled the roost in Judith’s home. But even after he drove away one of her suitors, she couldn’t fathom giving him up. Just as his naughtiness was boundless, so was his devotion to her and her son. A foot-warmer on cold nights, a good listener, and a fierce (okay, not so fierce) protector. George was always by their side and much of the time underfoot.

For anyone who has ever loved an incorrigible pet or known what it was like to lose a loved one. My Life with George is the hilarious and moving account of the impossible but adorable George, and of the wonderful way in which he helped to fill a huge void in the lives of both Judith and her son while driving them absolutely, barking mad along the way.”

How can you miss this adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel when you pass by the book shelves of landmark? He was so cute and adorable that the next thing I did was to swipe in my card for this cutie pie. I was dying to read this ‘another-marley-and-me”. When your expectations are so high, fall will be much deeper. It should have been MY LIFE with George, not My life with GEORGE.

As such the story is not bad, it will keep up your interest pretty much. But the story was not entirely about this cute Cavalier. It is about a woman’s fight against widowhood. Our pretty George is just a part of it, at least in the starting and till the middle of the story. I wanted more of George. I wanted to read more about his adventures, more about the ‘George-Monster Mog fights’, More about the meekness of George. Despite the author’s attempt to be funny, I am afraid it turned out to be a serious read (if you leave out George and Monster Mog fights, of course)

May be I am comparing this with Marley and Me too much, or May be I did not get what I expected (I feel my expectation is completely justified. Come on, look at the cover, its an amazingly adorable Cavalier and i bought the book for him damn it!!!) , anyway I did not like it as much as MAM. Must say there is an honest effort from the author to etch an image of cute and lovely puppy in your mind. At the end of the novel, she manages to draw clear picture of George, in which she miserably failed in the initial chapters.  I will go with 2.5 for this book, definitely not more than that. Not so a page turner, unless you are a mad dog lover.

Rating 2.5/5


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