The Atlantis Code – Review

The Atlantis Code by Charles Brokaw, Finished reading on 14th November 2009



“An ancient artefact is discovered in a dusty antiquities shop in Alexandria, Egypt – The Long-Forgotten trinket soon becomes the centre of the most deadly race against time in history.

The 20,000-year-old relic is inscribed with what appears to be the long-lost language of Atlantis. Only one man would seem to be able to decode its meaning – the world’s foremost linguist, Dr Thomas Lourdes – but only if he can stay alive long enough…

Meanwhile an earthquake in Cadiz, Spain, uncovered a most unexpected site – one which the Vatican rush to be the first to explore… Perhaps the lost city of Atlantis is finally ready to be found?

But us the world ready for her secrets?”

Warning – May be spoilers ahead!!!

One long lost truth which could shake the foundations of church and its belief, a linguist profession, blood thirsty assassins behind him, and as usual a villain who is dressed in cassock. Sounds familiar? Yes dears! Same old wine, in ‘old’ bottle, inspired by the DVC success. Finally I am done with the book and now I know my patience levels are at a enviable position. The Initial and final verdict on this book is, apart from few nicely written characters and scenes, the book is entirely boring and dragging.

Let me start with the worst, the book is too long. I am not saying that every thriller should be only three hundred page long. But even if it is long, it should be interesting enough to keep up the readers interest. Humour at uninvited places, protagonist projected as a weak geek (to me the actual protagonist is Natashya, whose Tomb Rider Appearance, with braided hair will sweep you off the feet),  and off course, a dump female side kick with whom the hero trots the world in chase of the artefacts, and an end which does not make much sense, these are the few reasons why I wish I shouldn’t have bought the book.

Natashya, the ruthless Russian babe, was the only comfort for me in the novel. The action sequences of her is worth a read . Still at the end of the day, the author is loyal to the ‘all the babes are supposed to be in the hero’s bed one day or the other’ principle, which could have been avoided. I would go for a 2 for this novel, that too only for Natashya.

Rating 2/5


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