Lucky day 23rd November. Date with Ram Charan Teja

As usual, I was out invading my turf ‘Landmark’ for unseen, unheard books. Ha!!! Look who is this…. Ram Charan Teja, giving a speech at Landmark. WOW. I could not believe my luck for a sec.


I got a clear view of him from where I was standing. God only knows how obsessed I was with his film Magadheera, which I have already watched 11 times. (no exaggeration, I did not understand Telugu in the initial 5 run).


“Only Chocolate can lift my mood from abysmal bottoms”.

Now my tagline changes to ‘only my favorite heroes and chocolate can lift my mood’.


He was in Landmark because he is the ‘star’ in new People magazine edition this month. He managed to sideline the Saifeena Couple. kudos. No wonder he is in fav list.


I loved his shirt. Will gift the same kind to my chakku. He will definitely look cool in that one.


End of speech. I could not outrun the greedy presswala’s :(. Ideally he should have flown me a kiss at least… hmmmmm No worries, I will manage one from my hero…

Sorry guys…. The mobile cam is 2MP. There is no way I could have got a clearer pics… bear with me once again 🙂


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