Oh Shit, Not Again – Review

Oh Shit, Not Again by Mandar Kokate, Finished reading on 24th November 2009



“Have you ever experienced what happens when a porn movie is mistakenly played in front of your grandma and the CD player refuses to stop?


Have you ever experienced what happens when mixture of vodka and soft drink is served to hundreds of people gathered for a party?


Have you ever experienced what happens when a boy is kicked in the groin by a girl when he attempt to kiss her?


Have you ever experienced what happens when a college-going student has an affair with a married woman whose husband carts a gun?


Have you ever experienced what happens when you are conspired into a murder that you had merely witnessed?

Welcome to hilarious story of five friends named Raj (the flirt chap), Arti (the sweet female lead), Andy (the creepy leader), Seema (Andy’s nightmare), and Sam (the biggest problem of raj’s messed up life). these people can answer all the above questions in this fun tickling novel.”

‘Oh Shit, not Again’. Oh yes!!! This was exactly my feeling when I finished reading this novel. I felt like I was reading the script of a B-grade masala movie. WTF!!!. How come, this novel is on the bestsellers shelf in landmark? How come it is a national bestseller? Anyway, Despite author’s attempts to make the entire plot funny, It stuck me as a teenager author’s story with unrealistic imaginations. 

The story is good I guess, If you know how to tell stories. The author fails miserably at it. An Advice to the author from a novice reviewer – ‘The way to write good novels is definitely not adding words whose meaning even you don’t know’. If the author has abridged the ‘extra’ influence of his  sexual fantasies, at least I would have thought about giving this book a 2 ratting. A sincere request to the author, please don’t write such craps. I don’t have anything more to say. I am giving a 0.5 to this book, not because it worth it, just to fulfil my charity quota this week. Please don’t read this book, if you have any other option.

Rating 0.5/5


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