Month: December 2009

New Year

Another year passes by… Without much change..
Last year was a dramatic year. Everything changed around me. I really understood the meaning of the word destiny. ‘I wanted one thing and god gave me another thing’, It was true for almost everything that happened last year. Life was at the rock bottom. Still my dear god give me smiles through him….
This post is for him…. who stood by me whenever I am low or down, who made me cry with laughter, who taught me the meaning of love and care…You never knew you were such a relief to me and never will. Thanks a lot for all the moments when you lifted me off from the abyss of loneliness, thanks a lot for all the times when you filled my life with all the love and care giving me no chance to complain.
I am never good at words (except in blogs). I am sorry for all the times when I could not say enough of thanks to you. I am really sorry for the brief times when I was mad at you…
I could never tell you in words, how amazing you are. I love you . I will always be thankful for all the help you have done, all the love you have given and the all the care you have shown. Be with me always…Love you always.


Bandh Journals – The day before

Note: I know it seems a little weird. ‘Bandh Journals!!!. I stay in Hyderabad. May be that explains title.
I was at home for Christmas and cuddling up in sofa with a book and my tea. A missed call and few messages, got my mobile blinking. ‘TRS may declare Bandh for next ten Days’. Are you crazy? Bandh for next ten days!!! For your information, A Bandh does not mean that we will not have office. We HAVE TO go to office in spite of the stone pelting and petrol bunk shutdown. That’s one disadvantage of being part of the MNC family. With a sudden urgency to fill up my Activa’s petrol half filled, I got ready in exactly four minutes( that’s my record so far, If you don’t count the B.Tech days) to hit the Petrol Bunk.
The petrol bunk scene was really freaky. There were two counters, one for two wheelers and one for four wheelers. As I belong to the former category, I was least bothered about the ‘almost-one-kilometer’ line of four wheelers. The two wheeler queue, oh sorry, it was not a queue, the two wheelers were forming a half circle made of nine or ten concentric circles of bikes, around the petrol counter. People who want to buy the petrol in Pepsi/coke bottles formed a big two line queue in each of these counters. That ‘Q’ was moving really faster, may be because it mainly consists of the coy ‘young ladies with scooty pep’ who are smart enough not to venture in to the ‘bike circle’. I really don’t think straight sometimes, I should have joined them instead of trying to be street smart. Instead I joined the Circles group and brazed myself for a eternal wait.
Wading my way through a sea of mosquitoes, Pulsers and CBZs, I finally reached the counter, moving inch by inch. It took exactly 78 minutes before filling the petrol. My birth title ‘Lady’, saved me at least fifty minutes. As I drove away, I could see the poor ‘gentleman’ clan who come much before me, still standing in circles around the counter. This is when I love the ‘underdeveloped’ status of woman in India. ‘Ladies First’.
Was It the end? No? The grocery shop was like a ‘mela’ place, filled with people, running here and there picking up (un!)necessary things. But the mess was decent compared to petrol bunk. After reading this, don’t stamp me as skeptic for whom the cup is half empty. I would love to have Bandh for ten days. Even though, we have office, the turnout will be less and there will be less people in cafeteria. The best part is empty roads. Oh I love that (I have not come across any stone pelting group on the road yet, so I enjoy the drive :)). Chain mails will start pouring in company classifieds, ‘Is the road to xxxxx is ok?’, ‘Is MMTS running?’, ‘Is the way clear?’. I love the tinge of excitement and a chance of adventure. Eagerly waiting for the Bandh days. Let the life comes to a stand still, let the industrialists shout about non-productivity, let passengers worry about cancelled trains\buses\flights, Do declare more Bandhs please. WE LOVE BANDHS.
P.S. I wonder why my editor keeps on giving me error for the word Bandh. Isn’t it a internationally recognized word!!?Blimey.

How Starbucks Saved My Life – Review

How Starbucks Saved My Life By Michael Gill, Finished Reading on 17th December 2009

“The Riches-to-Rags story of a man who had it all, then lost it all, and Found It Again”

41pPjWD q7LSynopsis

“A candid, moving and inspirational memoir about a high-flying businessman who is forced to re-evaluate his life and values when he suddenly loses everything and goes to work in Starbucks.

Michael Gill has it made. He is educated, wealthy and well connected. he has a creative and lucrative advertising job, which he loves and which is good at, and a model family and home life.

Then he loses it all. He is fired by a young exec whom he had hired. He has an extramarital affair that destroys his family and results in a newborn son. Then he is diagnosed with brain cancer. He has not insurance, no income.

One day he wanders into a Starbucks open house and by chance is offered a job. What follows is an inspirational eye-opener as Gill experiences a whole new world compared to his former life – with people from completely different ethnic and social backgrounds, an atmosphere of camaraderie and a sense of team spirit he has never encountered before.

Most of all what Michael Gill finds is how to be happy.”

Spoiler Warning!!!

After reading this book, I was so excited that I could not stop talking about it to my friends for the next two days. After my elaborated  narration of the story, the responses are mostly in the lines of ‘Oh, so he will not become rich again?!’.  Yes!! that’s true. He will not become rich again.  One important message the author conveys through the book is that, if a man is not rich, that does not mean that he is not successful. Yup, it is definitely a hard-to-digest fact. But once you read the book, you will understand the true meaning.

The book is a good read, written in a simple language, very aspiring( may be at times too simple for a Inspirational book).  There is no strong story as such, just a person’s journal about his life at Starbucks and how it changed him. I would go with a three our of four for this book.

Rating 3/4

The Last Testament Review

The Last Testament by Same Bourne, Finished reading on 6th December 2009

n192416 Synopsis

“An Iraqi boy loots an ancient clay tablet from a long-forgotten vault in the Baghdad Museum of Antiquities…

At a rally for the signing of a historic deal between Isreal and the Palestinians, an assassin pushes through the crowd towards the Israeli prime minister. Bodyguards shoot the man dead. But in his hand there is no gun: only a blood stained note…

A series of apparently random tit-for-tat killings follows as tensions boil over: Washington calls in star peace negotiator Maggie Costello. With her relationship in trouble and old sins to atone for, Maggie finds herself in an impossible situation, expecially when she discovers the murders are not random. Someone is killing archaeologists and historians – those who know the buried secrets of the ancient past.

Menaced on all sides by violent extremists, Costello is plunged into a mystery rooted in the last unsolved riddle of the bible. The truth could end hostilities – or spark the war to end all wars…”

‘The biggest challenger to Dan Browns crown’ – Mirror

When I saw this lines on the front page of this book, my hands automatically grabbed it. Not that I am a die hard Dan Brown fan, but I do like the novelty of his novels. Anyway just printing his name in front of the book have done the trick for this novel, I guess, No wonder it is in the bestseller chart. The Last Testament is a political thriller (I am glad there is no ‘church-and-a-truth-which-could-shake-the-foundation-of-earth’ in it). Even without the ‘Dan Brown label’, this novel is good book. 

The author has penned down few interesting chapters about the virtual world ‘Second Life’ . I am sure it will keep up the interest even though the reader is not familiar with this web world. (No need to say , I have started a new account ;)). The good part is that, in fact, the entire ‘Second Life’ episode go smoothly with the story flow.  The Book provides lot of insights about the Middle East Asian Crisis. The author has done his homework. He has narrated all the details in a not-so-boring manner.  The not-so-expected ending also adds to the plus list.

As a downside, I feel the female lead character Maggie Costello is not sketched properly by the author. Her character outlining could have been a bit more consistent throughout the story. Apart from a good unexpected twist, the ending is too bland and too easy to be real. But still this makes a good time pass read. I will go with a three for this.

Rating 3/5

The School For Husbands – Review

The School For Husbands by Wendy Holden, Finished reading on 30th December

school for husbands (2) Synopsis

“Sophie’s not happy with her husband. Marks works late, never phones, and leaves all the housework and childcare to her. She’s also sure he’s up to something with his sexy publishing colleague. Things come to a head and she moves back to her parents. Her mother never liked mark anyway.

Desperate to save his marriage, Mark enrols at the “School for Husbands,” a residential collage that transforms pathetic partners into husbands from heaven. Classes include love skills, sparkling conversation, and the finer points of chocolate. But will this be enough to reunite him with Sophie? Especially now a rich old flame is after her…”

Another chick lit novel, narrating the story of a husband and wife who go through a rough patch in life. The story is a little funny at the same time not so dramatic. It flows in its own smooth rhythm. I liked some of the funny sequences very much, especially the classroom sequence in which they learn the art of ‘screwing and squeezing’. It was hilarious. The concept is pretty new, the whole idea of ‘School of husband’s’ is narrated in an interesting manner. The description of therapy classes tend to be a little boring at times.

Most of the characters in the story seem to be very pragmatic and natural except for the hot shot banker ‘Simon’. He seems to be an extremist character and our lady of the story seems to be completely unaware of it till the last scene, which is a bit hard to digest. Apart from these small pitfalls, it is a time pass book, a bit of page turner as well. But at the end of the story you may feel that, ‘yea…yet another chick lit novel. that’s it’

Rating 3/5