Month: January 2010

The thirteenth Tale Review

The thirteenth tale by Diane Setterfield, Finished reading on 29th December



“Reclusive author Vida Winter, famous for her collection of twelve enchanting stories, has spent the past six decades penning a series of alternate lives for herself. Now old and ailing, she is ready to reveal the truth about her extraordinary existence and the violent and tragic past she has kept secret for so long. Calling on Margaret Lea, a young biographer troubled by her own painful history, Vida disinters the life she meant to bury for good. Margaret is mesmerized by the author’s tale of gothic strangeness — featuring the beautiful and willful Isabelle, the feral twins Adeline and Emmeline, a ghost, a governess,a topiary garden and a devastating fire. Together, Margaret and Vida confront the ghosts that have haunted them while becoming, finally, transformed by the truth themselves.”

This is something very different. I am reading one of this kind after along time. In fact the writing style is so unique that I am not able to figure out any other books if this kind.This book is written in the Gothic tradition. This is what we call pure reading pleasure. The story is well carved, characterization of all the characters are perfect. The narration of the Old library of protagonist is my favourite part in the book. I could feel the smell of old books and the dusty shelves. This is when the writing touch your heart.

The story is good with a unexpected twist and is presented in a layered format though the author seems to be too eager to make everything right at the end. The crazy characters and unorthodox romances make this book a bit wildly interesting. It is not a book for cursory read. You need to go through all the lengthy paragraphs without missing a single word to imbibe the essence of the story.  Those who love the classics like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights and love their narration style, will love this one. People who are looking for a two-hundred-page-fast-entertainer may skip it.

I loved the book. I can not believe it is a debut novel from the author. I am going with a four for this novel.

Rating 4/5


Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Dog days Review

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog days, Finished Reading on 22nd December 2009

diary-of-a-wimpy-kid-4-dog-days Synopsis

“Greg’s mom has a vision of “family togetherness” that really doesn’t sound a whole lot of fun.

But there’s a brand-new addition to the Heffley family to content with and it looks like Greg might be outnumbered. It could be a real dog of a summer…”

This book is the fifth part of Diary Of a Wimpy Kid

Note- The Fourth part is a Do-It-Yourself book. Don’t buy it unless you have a kid to write something on it :). My copy went to a dark corner of my shelf.

Rating 4/5

Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Last Strain Review

Diary of a Wimpy kid, the Last Strain by Jeff Kinney, Finished reading on 22nd December 2009.

laststraw_400 Synopsis

“You know how you’re supposed to come up with a list of “resolutions” at the beginning of the year to try to make yourself a better person? Well, the problem is, it’s not easy for me to think of ways to improve myself, because I am pretty much one of the best people I know.

But Greg’s dad has other ideas. He wants Greg to change his wimpy ways, toughen up and enlist in other “manly” endeavours. And when he threatens to send Greg to military academy, Greg realizes he has to shape up… or get shipped out.”

This book is the third part of Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Raring 4/5

Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Rodrick Rules Review

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rodrick Rules By Jeff Kinney, Finished Reading On 22nd December 2009

wimp1 Synopsis

“Remember how I said that if some jerk caught me carrying a book with “Diary” on the cover, they were gonna get the wrong idea? Well, that’s exactly what happened today.

now that Rodrick knows I have another journal, I’d better remember to keep this one locked up. Rodrick actually got hold of my last journal… But don’t even get me started on THAT story. Even without my Rodrick problems, my summer was pretty lousy.

Whatever you do, don’t ask me how I spent my summer because I definitely don’t want to talk about it”

This book is the second part of Diary Of Wimpy kid

Rating 4/5