7 Secrets Of Shiva Review

7 Secrets of Shiva by Devdutt Pattanaik, Finished reading on 17th September 2012



“Smeared with ash, draped in animal hide, he sits atop the snow-capped mountain, skull in hand, withdrawn, with dogs for company, destroying the world with his, indifference. He is God who the Goddess shall awaken. His name is Shiva. Locked in his stories, symbols and rituals are the secrets of our ancestors. This book attempts to unlock seven.”


Well this is my first book of Devdutt Pattanaik. I thought it was going to be an in dept analysis of Shiv – a mythological god. But was pleasantly surprised with the content. It reminded me of my text books which patiently tells you what’s what in simple language. No brain haunter it is.

The author explains the secrets behind the stories, names and symbols of Shiva in an uncomplicated manner. At the same time the ideologies expressed in the book is definitely coming from a greater mind. We can clearly see author expressing complicated fundas in elementary words as if he is explaining it to a simpleton. Hmmmm May be the intended audience of this book is not just indians. So it makes sense for the author to be simple and crisp. What an awesome definitions for Maya and subjective reality. I loved it. Really informative.

I think I am bogged down by my own expectations so going with a 3/5 for the book. The pictures quality is not up to mark. Could have improved.

Rating 3/5


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