Back to Mughal era

“I completely support the Khap Panchayat’s decision. It is a good way to protect women,”

“I believe this is happening because our youth are being badly influenced by cinema and television. I think that girls should be married at the age of 16, so that they have their husbands for their sexual needs, and they don’t need to go elsewhere. This way rapes will not occur,” –

Really?. A government elected ‘by the people for the people’ is not able to protect its own people. Now see a experienced politician (ex-chief-minister!!!) promoting a mughal era solution for such a sensitive issue. As a woman what am I supposed in infer from this? A woman does not have the the right to live with dignity in a khap society without a man’s support.

What if the women over there do not want to get married? Will they be open to inhuman treatment by those fiends on loose? The issue here is. Few criminals are on the loose. Police and the law of the land is unable to put an end to their atrocities. Instead of arresting those demons, I do not understand why the politicians\khaps are running after the victims? Lets say, one of these criminals is a homosexual and a pedophile. In that case ‘marrying off man at the age of 15’ – would that be a good solution? Yah!

I do not even want to comment on the society representative’s gonzo idea. Disgusting. Naive guy is under the impression that 15 year old girls are on the prowl of suitors to be raped. I so want to give him a whack on his head to bring him back to 21st century.

End of post…..


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