Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland Review

Alice’s Adventures in wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Finished reading on 23rd October 2012




“This book-entertaining for both adults and children-follows the fantastical adventures of a little girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a nonsensical world full of peculiar creatures. She returns to that world six months later through a mirror.”


I have read the book before and have enjoyed it to bits. A book which lets your imagination run wild and colourful. Loved the movie too.

After reading so much about the hidden meanings and symbolisms in this book, thought I would give it one more try. It turned out to be a boring activity. The references and the hidden jibes, all are intended towards people lived during the books authoring phase.  I have no idea about the political climate and headline makers of that time. So the hidden jibes did not amuse me.

On a positive side, The book has lot of brilliant paragraphs which has metaphorical meaning and I had fun reading those with the help of some googling.

So If you enjoy a nonsense read with lot of scope for colourful imagination go for it. If you are more interested in the symbolism stuff, read wikipedia or google. One time must read, second time, nah.


Alice and the white rabbit


I loved the last paragraph. Its so me remembering my happy summer days. 

Lets go with a 3/5



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