Diary of a Wimpy kid–The Third Wheel – Review

Diary of a wimpy kid – The third wheel, finished reading on 28th November 2012

“Love is in the air – but what does that mean for Greg Heffley?
A valentines Day dance at Greg’s middle school has turned his world upside down. As Greg scrambles to find a date, he’s worried he’ll be left out on the cold on the big night. His best friend, Rowley, doesn’t have any prospects either, but that’s a small consolation.
Then an unexpected twist gives greg a partner for the dance and leaves Rowley the odd man out. But a lot can happen in one night, and in the end you never know who’s going to be lucky in love…”
I am shamelessly biased towards the DWK series. I am all the more tempted to give a 4.5+ to this book without even blinking once. But let me pretend to do a unbiased review and come up with a 4+.
Greg is growing up and the love bug has bitten him as well, but in a very endearing and detached ‘Gregish’ way. As usual the story starts with hilarious notes on backflips and naps and the rhythm continues till the end.
“Ever since I was born, I’ve tried to re-create the feeling I had way back When I was floating around in the dark, Happy as could be”
At some points I could not help noticing some scenes which lacked originality. Uncle Gary – Greg scenes had a familiar touch and lacked novelty(2 and a half men is my fav, no wonder). The similar way, the valentine dance night starting scenes, kept reminding me of Charlie – Bella – Edward scene of Twilight.
But at the end of the day it’s a  wholesome laugh riot package wrapped up in a 200+ page book. I loved reading it.
4..it is…

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