Times Salman Nite



Yesterday, we bought two Tickets for Times Salman nite show. Perfect way to beat Monday blues. Venue@Hitex at 7 PM


The stadium was jam packed by 6.30 PM.


Program started around 7 30 with the performance of Manish Tiwari. Crowd slowly settled by the time he finished.


Aditi Paul – Another Singer. Amateur one to say the least. People were literally snoozing by the end of one slow number of hers.


Sukhvinder singh woke up the audience from their silent slumber. All his songs were crowd pullers.


Salman khan was awesome, super hot, charming and I was bedazzled. Period, nothing more to say on that lines.


After a long wait when he appeared on stage, People were literally jumping on top of their chairs. I never knew what stardom means till this day. It was loud cheering and dancing all around and the one  funny thing is, even I, a-self-confessed-SRK-addict, was automatically pulled into this mass hysteria.

All were standing on top of their chairs and the moment Salman khan came in, crowd was almost out of control. Salman, himself had to announce twice to keep the crowd in check.

While shooting the grand entry of super star, I was mercilessly hit and pushed by an old Sallu fan for ‘inconsiderately’ blocking her view. I never knew a 60+ old woman can be this passionate about Salman. Better be careful next time.


I was counting the different mobiles and tablets around my seat at one point of time. Ipad, Iphone, Samsung s3, note, tab2, xperia, Lumina.…Almost every brand made its presence to record the show. I think I was the only archaic homosapien with a digital camera.


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