The reluctant marchioness – review

The reluctant marchioness by anne ashly, finished reading on 2 January 2013


“Julian Stapleford, Marquis of Wroxham, is confounded when his wife reappears after years of absence – after being caught in the arms of another man, Lady Jennifer had vanished. Far from being the naïve girl he’d married, she is genteel lady of integrity with a son who is unquestionably his. Could there have been more to the scandal than had appeared.”

Got this one from ‘the Regency’  Lords and Ladies collection of mills and boons. M and B is like having a milk chocolate, Bliss inside a cursed calories packet….ufff. I love it occasionally.In reluctant Marchioness, leading lady made of steel, miraculously melts in front of the row muscularity of hero. Just like any M and B, here also lot of ‘feelings’ are tickled and tinkered to spice up.

Review- Read and throw. Lets go for a 2

This year, I am going to spice up my reading with lots and lots of M and B . so you will be seeing a lot of M and B reviews.


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