Hampi Diaries II – Sanapur Lake


Near to the place where we stayed in Hampi, there is a lake. ‘Sanapur’ lake. We went for a evening walk there the day we reahced Hampi.

The mythical kingdom of Kishkindha from Ramayana– where Vanara(Monkey) King Sugriva ruled lies around this area. We met some descendants of the the great King as well on tree tops.


Sanapur lake reservoir @Humpi. The calmness around the lake is deadly contagious. The flora and fauna around the lake is an added bonanza.


Slight breeze, sun set, and the calmness of the lake make you wonder, What am I doing in Hyderabad? It’s an experience which should not be missed.




Apart from the slight ripples created by the breeze, the lake is silent like an elegant lady.


Reflections. I think without the wind I would have got a better reflection.


Just a click of a rock formation. But when you turn it, Doesn’t it look like the shadow of a joker? Err… Isn’t it?


Well, the walk was awesome and the tiredness of the 12 hour journey was just  evaporated my the magical touch of nature.


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