The Blackstone Key Review

the Blackstone key by rose melikan, finished reading on 10th February 2013.


“1795, and a young teacher called Mary Finch travels in haste to the Suffolk coast to meet her wealthy uncle – and so end a bitter family estrangement. But when she meets a dying man on the road, she is soon drawn into a world of intrigue and treachery. Why does this stranger carry a watch bearing her uncle’s initials? And why does he hint that Mary is in terrible danger.

When his warning proves true, Mary finds herself at the mercy of a ruthless conspiracy, determined to gain the treasure guarded by the mysterious Blackstone key. Will Mary’s courage, wit and steady nerve be enough to save her? And can she trust the two men who have offered hey their protection.”

I picked up this book from a second hand book sale just because I loved the cover so much, The colors, the girl, everything about the cover were luring. Book started of well, with a young vulnerable, yet elegantly courageous Mary Finch starting her journey to white ladies. But as the story moves on, Mary Finch mostly turns into a childish character but thank god, not an irritating one.

Mary’s journey to while ladies, and initial few sequences were nice. Then story goes through a dull phase and climax is average. When it comes to hysterical mysteries, I do not have much patience to sit through the painful detailing of ‘cutleries’ or anything similar. I want it to move faster than the pace of contemporary ones to hold my interest.

Captain Holland, our hero, right from M&B mold,  with his brooding-no-nonsense attitude was the only savior during the ‘dull’ times. Book is average and if you skim through the middle part, it’s a good one time read.

2.5. That’s it….

It’s the first book in a trilogy. But as of now, I am bidding good bye to Miss finch. Not planning to read the remaining as of now.


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