Month: July 2013

The Templar’s Code – Review

The Templar’s Code by C.M. Palov, Finished reading on 27 July 2013


“Shock waves ripple across the world when an archaeologist is murdered moments after he claims to have found ancient Templar symbols marking the way to a mysterious vault. And the discovery of a Maltese cross etched into the dagger that killed him seems to make his claims both true –  and dangerous.

Templar expert and former MI5 operative Caedmon Aisquith sets off on a hunt for the vault, only to uncover a far more intriguing puzzle: does the Templar code in fact reveal the location of the long lost Emerald Tablet?

The quest to decipher the symbols rapidly becomes a desperate struggle against a covert and terrifying enemy, who will stop at nothing to use the Tablet’s power to spark an apocalypse. Caedmon should uncover the truth before all hell is unleashed.”


Mostly my feedback on books depends on many factors and one of those factors is my mood. May be while reading this book, I was impatient and kind of riled up against god-knows-whom. So I kind of skimmed through the book mostly. May be a series of mystical thrillers which I read this year added to this fatigue.

Its a thriller which you should be able to enjoy during a trip and there is no take away from the book – a read and forget kind of one. I am not going to rate this book as such.  An average one for me.

Anyway I need to break away from the this curse of thrillers and move to something different to refresh my reading. Lets see