The Night Circus – Review

The Night Circus By Erin Morgenstern, Finished Reading on 8th October


“The circus arrives without warning

N announcements precede it…

It is simply there, when yesterday it was not”

Well, It all depends on what you expect from the book. May be spoilers ahead. If you are looking for a engrossing love story like Twilight, give it a miss. If you are looking for the Magic of Harry Potter, give it a miss. I have read many reviews comparing it with these two classics. That’s one of the reasons why I picked up this book. But this book is a different category altogether. Its recommended for readers who like long beautiful narrations and does not mind a slow story along with it.

It’s a love story of two magicians, chosen by destiny randomly or these two were present at the correct place at the correct time to be picked by destiny  at that particular moment. Well its their story. But I you are more likely to be be enchanted by the environment and the atmosphere of the book than the story. The passion and attraction is mild in narration, may be that’s what failing for me to connect with the couple. Author saves elaborate narrations for the Circus and the surrealism surrounding it. I was crawling till the middle of the book, and then the love story lit up the environment all of a sudden.

Chapters on a uneven timeline is always a nightmare to me. How-much-ever I read, I always have difficulty reading those type of books. The book was slow initially and on top of that it had things happening in multiple timelines. I was almost tempted to tear the pages and put it in the right place. Anyway It’s a nice book, with a scope for your imaginations to fly high. Just that don’t go in there expecting a Twilight. Let me go with a three.

P.S I loved the cover of the book. Its simply awesome. The touch of red in the monochrome picture is just marvelous.



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