Malgudi Days – Review

Malgudi Days by R K Narayan, Finished reading on 20th October 2013















Malgudi Days is among Narayan’s collections of short stories. The stories written with Narayan’s simple style and characteristic gentle irony portray the variety and color of Indian life, Narayan, in his introduction says: “I have names this volume Malgudi Days in order to give it a plausibly geographical status. I am often asked/ “Where is Malgudi?” All I can say is that it is imaginary and not to be found on any map. If I explain that Malgudi is a small town in South India I shall only be expressing a half-truth for the characteristic of Malgudi seem to be universal.”” Readers can not agree more.


Malgudi days is an experience. A string of short stories took me to a short trip to the village experience. I had spent a good part of my vacation with my grandparents in a heavenly place and Malgudi days just reminded me of that. As the author correctly said, Malgudi is universal, you will find the soul of Malgudi every where. You just have to observer. I loved reading this book. The sober description of the characters imparted a lot to the overall melancholy of the book. It is such a classic and I would go with a four star for this book.



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