Month: January 2014

The Road – Review

The Road by Cormac McCarthy, Finished reading by 24 January 2014


“The Road” is a post-apocalyptic novel by Cormac McCarthy — the tale of a journey taken by a father and his young son over a period of several months, across a landscape blasted by an unnamed cataclysm that destroyed all civilization and, apparently, most life on earth.




Just finished reading The Road. (Spoilers ahead) Truly a depressing one. So scary and bleak it is! Wonderful narratives. The way McCarthy has painted her post apocalyptic world for us is admirable. Reading the book is like adoring a sad and painful painting. It was a beautiful tale about surviving and getting on with life from an unknown catastrophe without even a ray of hope. The way ‘He’ keeps going back on his memory lake to pick and associate precious bits of memories with the present greyish world is a nice contrast.

Oh man, Despite the beauty of the book, I hated the theme. My god, I can never imagine a world like McCarthy’s. The unimaginable things of the book, really got me to put down the book for a while and take a break. Every civilization has to end one day and the end may not be easy. In such a spot, he decided to take the road carrying his little son,limited amenities and with a abundant supply of hope, hope of fining the old world, hope of finding goodness, hope of finding our green earth. I was crestfallen when he found the Ocean as a greyish smelling iodine. A choice of life and death is so painfully externalized in this book, that at some point I was genuinely stretching towards the later.

Would go for a 4.5 for this book.Mind you, its depressing one, sure to give you a literary satisfaction but may drain you out emotionally.



Happy New year 2014

It was such an eventful year – a new house, pregnancy and a little angel in my life. Well, A good year – can not complain a bit.

Forty weeks of excitement and anticipation and then the giving birth to a little one,  it just reassures my faith in something above science. How come a small seed like object inside you can turn into a beautiful being with such cute toes and nose in forty weeks?  We decided to name her Sriya. Naming her was such a huge affair in our house, we spend hours deciding her name but finally the name came from her grandparents. If it was my way I would have named her Anvi – meaning earth. My angel has the color of earth and I want her to have the patience of Earth. So my choice would have been that. Well, I can call her Anvi in my blog.

Motherhood is not something which happens to you in a day. It grows on you slowly. The day my Anvi was born I was amused at the stranger who suddenly popped into our lives. All the nine months of pregnancy you prepare yourselves for this new visitor but when you get her for real in your hand, you really do not know what to do.  After hours of pain and anxiousness, when I saw her for the first time (no, she was not like what they show in ads, Anvi was a reddish blue baby covered in lot many things before they clean her and far from the little pink baby they keep on showing in ads as new born baby. Phew, one myth busted.), I was expecting a sudden rush of tears and a touchy feely scene between the new born and mom. At that historical moment, All I could do was to grin like Cheshire cat! Post delivery, In that half drugged state, I was laughing at her facial hairs. So in a way she came into my life bringing lot of laugh.

31 books this year – a little better than 29 of 2012. All thanks to all the rest I got due to pregnancy and delivery. But surely this year its going to be less, all thanks to Anvi. So not setting any goals this year. And I am not taking up any new review requests. Apologies in advance. Even if I read only one book, its fine. The whole year is for my little one, only for her. As she takes little steps into her new life, I want to be part of and cherish each and every moment of it. Wishing you all a very happy new year.