Woman’s Day Special

Three sixty four days of a year we celebrate ourselves and one day we let others celebrate our glory – Woman’s Day. On this honourable occasion, sharing with you all my favourite top 10 female authors and their must read books. (The list is based on what I have read so far so might not include many notable authors.)

1. J.K Rowling

Do I have to tell you more? Author of the one and only book which sold more copies than Holy Bible – The magical Harry Potter series. The-one-who-penned-down-HP-series deserves to be on top. That’s it!

2. Jane Austin

Most celebrated author of Pride and Prejudice – the only novel which I have read more than two times. No matter how many times you read it, there is still a novelty to it. My favourites are Pride and Prejudice and Emma.

3. Kamala Surayya

English – Malayalam author from Kerala. I adore her and her writing and she is my idol in literary world. Her autobiography ‘Ente Katha’ (My Story) is my favourite and ‘Amy’ still comes to my day dreams. Summer in Calcutta by Kamala Surayya is the first poem I ever read apart from what’s in school syllabus.

4. Danielle Steel

Why her? Because of the sheer number of Danielle Steel books I read! I am sure I might have read fifteen or more of her novels and the note worthy part is I still long to read more of her.

5. Sarah Joseph

She is the author of my all time favourite book – Aalahayude Penmakkal. Its one of the finest novels I have ever read. I read it first when I was 18 and even now I can feel the shade of ‘amarapanthal’ and the stars beneath it. This novel made me realize the power of words – It creates a magical world inside you which will stay unblemished forever.

6. Sheryl Sandberg

She is a new addition in the list. I am reading her ‘Lean In’ now and completely floored by it. So she climbed up my favourite list quite fast. She is the current COO of Facebook and her book Lean In is about Woman and the larger role she should be playing in Leading the business world. A self help kind of book but a must, must read book for any working/non working woman who aspires to ‘do-more’.

7. Kim Edwards

She is a relatively unknown author with only two Novels in her kitty so far. Her first novel – The Memory Keepers Daughter is a very beautifully written piece of fiction. The subject is very delicate but the author has portrayed it with its due elegance and its one of my favourite novels.

8. Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat Pray and Love – I was crazy about this book until I saw the movie :).

9. Elisabeth Bumiller

I have read her ‘May You Be the Mother of a Hundred Sons’ – A bird’s eye view into the lives of Indian Woman. Though the author was not familiar with the social hierarchy or structure of Indian Villages, the book provides a good perception and I loved it.

10 Anuja Chauhan and Manju Kapoor

I love both these Indian writers equally so including both of them. Anuja Chauhan’s The Zoya factor is kind of an Indian Twilight Saga and a must read. Manju Kapoor’s Home is a nice read and is in my favourite books list.


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