North and South

Well, again I picked up a book because of a series. Dear Margaret and Thornton, Where have you been all this while.Being the perpetual romantic that I am , I thought I have a talent to sniff out romance from anywhere in library. I am wrong, you have been hiding till now!. Never believed that, there will be an equal to Pride and Prejudice. #HellYeah there is. If you see the series(Please do not see the 1975 one!), first you will be smitten by Richard Armitage for sure and second, you will rewind it and see the last scene again and again for at least four times. I did. The next thing I did is pick the book to read.

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell – The book is an exhausting read with its all twists and turns. Or may be with the fast pacing of the series, I was expecting something of a short novel. When it got adapted into the series, I think the makers gave a convincing makeover to the story as well as the protagonists. From books to series, the protagonists are more polished with their characteristics enhanced a little.

Richard Armitage as John Thornton in North and South

While Margaret remained lithe and elegant ever, Thornton’s character has been altered a little from the book. In the book, his character is a little more expressive and less mighty. Still the strength of the character was evident. In the series, Thornton is tailed to fit Richard Armitage and his persona. Series has trimmed many a redundant chapters from the book and made it crisp. At the end of the book, author evidently rushes to close the threads while the series stroll past in its own calm and composed pace. The series end was sweeter than the book, but they could have included many a quotes which essentially form the crust of Margaret and Thornton’s love story. I would have loved to see many in the series. All in all, series scores a lot higher than the book(!). I would say, they have carved out a aptly pace, modern love story from the old classic.

.. call upon her name. "Margaret!" Still lower went the head; more closely hidden was the face, almost resting on the table before her. He came close to her. He knelt by her side, to bring his face to a level with her ear; and whispered-panted out the words: "Take care. - If you do not speak - I shall claim you as my own in some strange presumptuous way. - Send me away at once, if I must go. - Margaret! - " Ch. 5, North and South #elizabethgaskell #fanart


Would go with a 3.5 for the book. And the series is a must watch for all the Romance hunters around there!


2 thoughts on “North and South

  1. When I first saw the series (haven’t read the book yet) I was so in awe of Richard Armitage…. and his voice. I loved watching that series.

  2. aww you too! Lol I am watching the series again and again and again and still longing for more of Richard Armitage. I think the character is more intensive in the series than the book. 🙂

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