Month: April 2015

Vishu 2015

Finally that day has come!

I set up the Vishukani at my home.  My own handiwork it is!

And the sweetest part is, its my baby’s first official kani.



Morning you get up in the dark, keep your eyes closed, scramble your way through the corridor and see this as your first sight of the day.

It really makes you feel good, especially when you know your baby will be pleasantly surprised by this.

was it the best part of the day?


Into the light, here she comes,  guided by her ever-loving guardian angel.

was it the best part of the day?


I got to eat it, that too a lot of them. Vishu katta with sharkarapaani.

was it the best part of the day?

DSC_0016 - Copy (2)

This was the best part, Indeed.


Review: The Laws of The Spirit World

The Laws of The Spirit World
The Laws of The Spirit World by Khorshed Bhavnagari

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(Skip any review if you are planning to read it. You should read the book as it is without any presumptions)
Its a book written by a mother after the untimely demise of her both sons in an accident. You have two ways of looking at it – as an experience and notions of a grieving mother or as a journey to the realms of the world from where mankind descent(way of a believer and non believer!). Either way the books offers good food for thought. The book has an eerie feel of a box which hides some deep secret. May be that’s why I picked it up.
If we consider the facts objectively in the book, what is being said is not a path-breaking deviation from the existing believes. If you believe it or not, it reaffirms the Rule of Karma and it does it in its own metaphorical way. But as a reader I would not put my faith in what’s written there. It could very well be the mother’s way to mourn her sons.
Well I can not decide its believability but a good book for anyone who likes to explore philosophical topics

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Today someone made me realize that how superficial a reader I am!

Long back I have read a book called Many lives Many masters by Brian D Weiss. Today when I was having a chat with my new friend, she accidently quoted him and I was like ‘You have read this?!’.

All of a sudden our convo got redirected to books, philosophy, healing and all the stuffs around it! It made me realize, how I read some of those books. I have taken pride in reading all of Brian D Weiss’s books and say “I have read it all”. Today I add a sentence more “I have read it all. but I have got so little”.  May be I have always considered myself as romance\lit person so I have paid less attention to these genre at all! Still If I have read it, I should be able to relate to it in someway! Or else I should not have picked it up at all. Classic contrary! I should not even say that I read these books, unless I have something to connect with those in someway. Hopefully it’s a lesson which I learned for good.

Fifty shades of feminism!

Is it possible to love fifty shades of grey and still be a feminist? #YesIloveGrey

Can I totally loath rupi kaur’s pictures of her menstrual blood, call it a publicity stunt and still be considered a women empowerment militant? #InTheNameOfArt

Is it possible to snub and mock #MyChoice video and still be an advocate of women’s liberation? #WhoWroteTheDamnLines

Is it possible to love cooking and still scowl at orthodox stereotyping of woman? #CookingIsRevengeTime

(Now wait for the scandalous one)

Is it possible to reprimand Delhi Uber Cab rape victim for being a care less about safety and still raise my voice for #StopThisShame campaign? #ErrAmITheOnlyOneToThinkSo?