Month: June 2015


Do you believe in premonitions? I do not! Well, I did not.

When life flows fast like a river, time is too precious to waste on otherworldly stuff. This used to be my motto. But recently something happened and it literally jolted me out of my convictions. World is not as simple as the science text books make us believe. Isn’t it?

Recently my naughty love dot happened to have a little adventure and managed to fell down from her stroller quite notoriously. A huge bump on her heard and a bruised nose were enough to send her ever paranoid mother on a run. Hospital, medical shops, here, there, I was on a hyperactive drive and never noticed the continuous calls I am getting on mobile from her dad. After a hefty hospital emergency bill, doctor’s ‘all is well’ assurance and hours of panicking, Me and Avni got back home to see 18 missed calls from the daddy dearest. Daddy got a very disturbing early morning dream of Avni falling from a height so was calling me continuously to make sure everything is ok. My brain tells me again and again that it is just a coincidence. Heart says to believe in the magic of it.

Its too easy to get lost in the palpable world and miss the whole abstraction. isn’t it? Our lives, situations, thoughts, memories everything is tangled even if people are not physically together. Occasionally this connect do spark, i feel. Later when I shared this incident with my Aunt, She casually replied that in her forty years of marriage life, such things happened numerously and its like a perfectly natural thing between her and her husband. Can two people connect beyond the realm of reason?

Some experiences should be cherished rather than analyzed i guess!


What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Shakespeare can be wrong. IΒ hate when people spell my name wrong. I really do…It would not be the same if they call me Sridevi instead of Sreedevi.