Review: We Should All Be Feminists

This book is an adaptation of a TEDex Talk of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.  Here is the video!


We should all be feminists

I really enjoyed reading this book mostly because it resonated with my views and opinions. It feels good to read about ideas and thoughts similar to yours but coming from a completely different country and culture.  Though I wouldn’t say this is the Must-Have-Bible-For-Women, It can be one of the Must-Read-Books-For-Women. I liked the book, still, I feel there are few additional points which probably add a little more depth to many arguements.

In my opinion, everything comes down to Respect at the end and it is a two-way street. Many times, the battle, the presumed battle of belligerent warriors of feminism,  seems to be more toward the niceties or does more towards cementing the prejudices against women than strengthening the gender. Just when we say ‘Woman has every right to wear whatever we want without being subjected to prejudices or harassment’, the reverse should hold good too . The same respect a high-heeled-lipgloss women commands should be given to a Bindi-worn married lady or a woman in Hijab. The mettle of women is decided by neither the length of the heels nor by the size of the bindi she wears. By creating such caricatures of what a feminist, err female-feminist,  should and should not be, we are just limiting our progress towards gender equality.

Nobel prize winner Malala, who inspires millions of women around the globe is seen with a headscarf most of the time. Being a mascot of Girl Education movement, she has spread powerful and focused messages on Girl Education. Malala’s speeches on youtube are very inspiring and touching at the same time. All superficial judgments, fade away in front of this determined Girl who forces us to focus on the message than the messenger. It’s applaudable that without changing her identity to match the norms of society, she has proved that only intentions should matter.

While we move towards the egalitarian society, we should strive to eliminate discrimination, poverty, lack of education and all other regressive elements which push women to the back alleys of society. It should be a humanitarian movement including both men and women.  Nowadays the bulldozer-feminism flattens every other boastfully individuality cornering out of the movement as a hate-men propaganda. I would rather stick to a mild #heforshe version of the feminism than labeling each and every member of the other sex as the arch-enemy. This is one of the reasons why I think Emma Watson’s speech at UN He for she campaign should be heard along with this book.


I like to conclude that no one should treat Feminism as a battle to be the dominant sex in the world. It should be a process mainly to Empower the Women, to Create society where women are treated on par with men, and to strengthen the Education system to motivate the next generation to be an empowered one. So I would go with a four for this book with an added comment that it is not the ultimate ‘The’ book and we should know to think beyond the limits.


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