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Year in Books

2016 was a not-so-bad year up to July for books. I finished off 25 books (most of them in the first part of the year) before the reader’s block hit me hard. Nothing impresses me nowadays. Romance, Thriller, Philosophy, Non-fiction, Spiritual… I tried all sorts of genre and nothing gives me the much-needed mojo to read more. It’s as if I have hit a wall and I see no way forward.

So I start 2017 with no TBD books in my kitty, absolutely nothing other than ‘The complete Java Reference’. Time for a complete detoxification. No more reading challenges and no more reviews till the dawn. Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise! Hopefully soon.

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Happy New Year!

This year is special in many ways.Here are the Why’s.

  • Because I left my dear job. I thought it would be hard and I kept telling myself that I can come back anytime. But surprisingly, It’s not so! My little one Avni – just managing her is such a herculean task for me, I sometimes wonder how benign my old manager was. I had never managed a house alone before. I always had help. Either my in-laws or my-parents were always there to buffer me.  Initial days, I was clueless. With a hyperactive toddler, I hardly knew what to do. Dirty dishes always piled up in my kitchen, Clothes and toys scattered around the floor, Everyday I was bogged down by the things I have to do and was furious because of the things I can not do. I never did any of these household stuff when I was working. I had help, damn it. (Yes, You always stay a princess when you are with your parents! My parents never let me enter kitchen). And every time I do cleaning or washing a voice in my head always whispered me to go back to my old job. It took me almost a month to get a grip of me and put me back in order. After a complete meltdown and a few tears later, I decided to change for good than being stuck in the past (A couple of ted talks, really helped!). Be it project management or home management, it’s all about how you treat it. Treat it with respect and tackle it the same way you do a production release. Notes, reminders,budget planning, quick fixes, clean up, creating schedules, resource allocation and may be a weekly assessment call with hubby to analyse the budget overshooting – I do everything that I did before but with a better perspective in my home. Slowly I am managing home better, I am turning out to be a better cook than before, a better mom than before, a more nagging wife than before (which is a must have after six years of marriage). Later when I start working, I would definitely miss this time of my life. After all this is the time where I learned the meaning of the word – Home maker.
  • Because I discovered a wonder called Library. I had never read a book from a library before coming to Seattle(Apart from couple of engineering text books.). I always bought the books which I read. Here I joined Bellevue Public Library – King County Library System. Every time I enter the library, I have a tickling sensation in my tummy. So many books, OMG I never thought I would have access to more than a 10000 books. I was ecstatic in the initial days and just being in the library has a calming effect on me. I take my little one Avni there, couple of times a week for her Lego or story time. My reading rate has increased and since I have the choice, my reading content quality has increased. If I love a book, I read it. This is the time, I learned about a magical place called Library and this shall be remembered forever!
  • Because I get to know Avni better – When I was working, I was never close to my baby. I hardly got 4 hours a day to be with her and that was not sufficient. I never knew her as much as I should be. Lately, I get so much of time with her that I slowly realize how fast their personality grows. The way she communicates, the way she mumbles, the way she shows her anger, the way she sleeps – I am new to all these. Its like knowing her with a new perspective. She was always an infant for me. The change to toddler was so abrupt and surprising that every moment I am experiencing new things. I get to experience terrible two’s 24×7 and that’s makes this year even more special.

I read 22 books this year. Considering Avni and her tantrums , it’s a huge number. It’s mostly fiction. But I am happy with the content. I have read couple of good books and have managed to write reviews for all. I had run a 10km marathon and was active enough to run a 5km any day. Baked enough cookies and cakes to satisfy my sweet tooth, Well 2015 was not bad.

2016, I have a target of 50 books and I want it to be majorly non fiction. As usual, this years new year resolution would be “less time online and more time offline”.

Wishing a happy new year to all!

Adios Amigo



Bidding farewell to our car was tough.

My baby came home for the first time in this car.

We made our n number of road trips with this car.

Long drives, Spilled cokes and Chips, Fights, Romance –  My car has seen it all.

Its just been one day, but miss it already Sad smile

Happy New year 2014

It was such an eventful year – a new house, pregnancy and a little angel in my life. Well, A good year – can not complain a bit.

Forty weeks of excitement and anticipation and then the giving birth to a little one,  it just reassures my faith in something above science. How come a small seed like object inside you can turn into a beautiful being with such cute toes and nose in forty weeks?  We decided to name her Sriya. Naming her was such a huge affair in our house, we spend hours deciding her name but finally the name came from her grandparents. If it was my way I would have named her Anvi – meaning earth. My angel has the color of earth and I want her to have the patience of Earth. So my choice would have been that. Well, I can call her Anvi in my blog.

Motherhood is not something which happens to you in a day. It grows on you slowly. The day my Anvi was born I was amused at the stranger who suddenly popped into our lives. All the nine months of pregnancy you prepare yourselves for this new visitor but when you get her for real in your hand, you really do not know what to do.  After hours of pain and anxiousness, when I saw her for the first time (no, she was not like what they show in ads, Anvi was a reddish blue baby covered in lot many things before they clean her and far from the little pink baby they keep on showing in ads as new born baby. Phew, one myth busted.), I was expecting a sudden rush of tears and a touchy feely scene between the new born and mom. At that historical moment, All I could do was to grin like Cheshire cat! Post delivery, In that half drugged state, I was laughing at her facial hairs. So in a way she came into my life bringing lot of laugh.

31 books this year – a little better than 29 of 2012. All thanks to all the rest I got due to pregnancy and delivery. But surely this year its going to be less, all thanks to Anvi. So not setting any goals this year. And I am not taking up any new review requests. Apologies in advance. Even if I read only one book, its fine. The whole year is for my little one, only for her. As she takes little steps into her new life, I want to be part of and cherish each and every moment of it. Wishing you all a very happy new year.


New Year

Another year passes by… Without much change..
Last year was a dramatic year. Everything changed around me. I really understood the meaning of the word destiny. ‘I wanted one thing and god gave me another thing’, It was true for almost everything that happened last year. Life was at the rock bottom. Still my dear god give me smiles through him….
This post is for him…. who stood by me whenever I am low or down, who made me cry with laughter, who taught me the meaning of love and care…You never knew you were such a relief to me and never will. Thanks a lot for all the moments when you lifted me off from the abyss of loneliness, thanks a lot for all the times when you filled my life with all the love and care giving me no chance to complain.
I am never good at words (except in blogs). I am sorry for all the times when I could not say enough of thanks to you. I am really sorry for the brief times when I was mad at you…
I could never tell you in words, how amazing you are. I love you . I will always be thankful for all the help you have done, all the love you have given and the all the care you have shown. Be with me always…Love you always.