A Story of Fall


Today, its story time. Story of Fall!

Story of a mysterious and lush wood nymph. One fine day, the love of her life seemed to fade away leaving her in misery and wretchedness. She watched the last of his rays vanish in harrowing silence.


Seething with agony and anger, slowly the wood nymph blossomed into a bewitching beauty. Many lecherousness eyes adored her. Her admirer’s took her celestial beauty in every breath. They never saw her dried bark and her murky soul engulfed in sadness.


Then the winds came and the darkness crept up to her core.To survive the test of times, she shed away the last of her tears leaving a trail of love for all who loved her.


Baring it all, there she stood, waiting for him to return.


The reluctant lover sent her white doves for her delight. But she never relented. She knew he always comes back to her. And her unwavering love brought him back. He brought her spring sparrows and they together made magical wind charms as a token of their love.

End of story.


Back to roots

During my last trip home(June, 2015), I went to Edatra kavilamma temple near Kunnapilly. The simplicity and the spellbinding divinity coexist here. As a child, I have been to this temple numerous times with my grandmother. Long back, all the gods and goddesses possessed amazing powers . Its just me, my grandmother and them. We were a team. My faith, my believes, my dreams everything was bound to this trio. Life called me away from home, my grandmother embarked on her final journey from here and they were left behind home. After so long time, outside this beautiful place, I am standing right here feeling like an outsider who is craving to get to back to the lost faith.


Verukal by Malayattoor Ramakrishnan – This is one of my favorite books during my college days. But the true meaning of the book was still evading me I guess. This temple visit reminded me so much of that book now. The conflict of the outsider in the protagonist with the inherent belongingness in him hits me hard now. After so many years, I understand a book in its true meaning. Its like enlightenment? ha.


The banyan tree! How many times, I have gone around tree, constantly looking up to see the glimpse of the most beautiful Yakshi, who was supposedly hiding on the top branch. Wish someone could bring back the innocence! When my daughter will be of that age, I am sure she will rubbish it as nonsense if I ever try to tell her the story of Yakshi.  Knowledge kills faith. isn’t it? There are some moments in life when you wish to unlearn many things, unknow(Oh, high time they coin in this word!) many facts and be the content and ignorant self of yours.


Before leaving the compound, this one caught my eye! I have not seen him before. New guy around the block. Twisted as our lives are!


My uncle used to tell me, his childhood with his siblings were the most amazing childhood and we are not blessed enough to have one like that. I think I will say the same to my daughter. We had the most amazing childhood ever. During those magical times, this river became my soul mate. My first ever poem, I wrote for her. My childhood was blessed with the long baths in this river. To show my daughter my pride, I took her to my favorite place in the world, Chalakudy Puzha.


Though her texture changes with time, She is as elegant as before. Swiftly flowing, taking everything in her stride…!


When everything changes around you, some things hold on to its old charm forever. For me, here gods used to reside during evening. Thulasithara at my grandmother’s place. As the weeds grow their hold on it, the deepam still shines out banishing all dubieties.


Though your heart belongs home, the sky is so wide and luring! There will always be a morrow to come home.