Last Footsteps

As the last footsteps moves away,
I could feel the blanket falling on me.
I can not hear anything,
I can not feel anything

Is it the way life always moves,
Rather is the way life always stays?
these moments just fill my life
with a whiteness, that I could not erase

This is when depression hits me most. I can not bear someone walking out of the door, leaving me alone for the rest of the day. I am too scared of it even to fathom it. When you are trapped under this four walls, with nothing to do, depression crawls in not even waiting for your permission. I keep thinking about ways to get out of hear. I keep emptying the chocolate boxes. But nothing seems to do any good. I am stuck here like forever…



The angel blessed the skinny child,
patting hey shivering fingers,
Tears you shed will become precious beads,
Shining beads which which will adorn her hair.

Years later, the girl is surrounded by the beads.
She stopped counting them years ago.
Confused and shaken, She does not know,
What to do with the beads, which fill her mind with darkness.

Day and night she stared at them,
wishing the angel would take back the boon
Wishing the beads would fade away in darkness,
Wishing there were no more tears.


Wearing a white gown, I am flowing near you,
You can see my gown floating in wind,
It’s already started to fade away,
I wish you could hold it for a moment.

Without looking to my eye, you started going away,
The pebbles you gave me, are lying close to my heart,
They will lie there forever, but I have to flow,
Your sweetness will be forever with me as a burden.

Cloud and the Dune

Have you heard the story of the Cloud and the Dune? For those who have not read it, here it is. There was a mischievous cloud which flew away from its friends. It landed up in a desert. It felt immense pride in itself that, it’s the only cloud in that way. On the way, it saw a beautiful dune, on the desert. Appalled by its looks, the cloud decided to stay there for sometime.

Slowly the cloud began to fall in love with the dune. It began to melt with love. The tears it’s made the dune wet and slowly the cloud melted away completely. The dune, which was showered by the tears of cloud, embraced all the love. Plants started growing in the dune. Plants started to grow in the dune. Slowly it became an oasis in the heart of the desert.

I read this story in one of the Paulo coehlo books. I really liked it. It is written in a very good way.

In the middle of the desert,
In the middle of the loneliness,
I can hardly see him,
He is much far away.

Still in the darkest moments of night,
I saw shades similar to him,
But the hopes are like clouds,
Melting away leaving tears.

In the war between love and lust,
Love always wins,
Here I am bearing the loss,
With the wounds hurting with each passing wind.

My Mother

To my dearest mother, who always loved me the most

I heard the weeping sounds in hushed nights,
I felt her tears on my back,
But I shut my eyes tightly against the storm outside the window,
Curled myself to the warmth of my blanket.

Still i felt her hand around me,
But when tears made my eyes to glow,
But the hauter crawls over, without my permission,
It never allowed me to stay there forever.

I stared at her when her hair dropped to her cheeks,
I averted the gaze, with numbness in my eyes,
Her beaming eyes followed me all the way to the door,
The blaze, burned me to the core, still I didn’t look back.

Years later, I found her standing at the end of the road,
I started walking with growing pain in my heart,
It was just a mirage, I realize it suddenly,
Now I won’t even get a rainy day to curl up in her arms.