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A 1000 books challenge before kindergarten

One of my friends gave me this crazy idea of finishing of 1000 books before preschool challenge. ( The idea sounds a little crazy at first but believe me this is the best thing ever happened to my Avni :). After starting this challenge(I used to read to her earlier also but never this frequent), her vocabulary has has grown inย leaps and bounds. May be I started this challenge around her 2nd birthday which is the normal ‘language explosion’ time forย any toddler. So It can just be a coincident. But Still I like to believe that books have evidently helped her to learn much faster.

Many things which I tend toย tune out while reading a book, she catches it. Its a big challenge to get my toddler to sit still for me to read her a book, But once I start reading she gives me her complete attention. I normally read a book couple of times ย and mark in Goodreads what she has read so far ( The other day, when we went to library Avni was picking up many already-read-books and saying ‘Chiya read’, so she is definitely remembering the read ones.