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Carnival Of Love – Review

Carnival of Love by Helen Dickson, Finished reading on 27th October, 2013



“Rescuing Lavinia Renshaw from a Venetian canal was one thing. Accepting her surprising proposition of marriage was quite another. Maxim Purnell thrived on taking risks. However, his situation was complicated enough without taking on a wife. But there was no denying Lavinia had succeeded in piquing his curiosity — and desire. To come in to her considerable legacy she needed a husband, and she intended their arrangement to be a marriage of convenience only. So what would happen if Maxim decided to make her his wife for real?“

One of the M and B books which I picked up from Lords and Ladies collection, out of sheer boredom, I must add. There is nothing much to review about the book. Brooding hero with a mysterious past and delicate virgin heroine with a sensual appeal that would floor the hero from the first time they met. It’s a been-there-read-it feeling. Nevertheless it’s a time pass read and good pick to give you company during travels.