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The Lover’s Dictionary – Review

The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan, Finished reading on October 31st 2013



“I don’t usually do this kind of thing.” You said. “Neither do I,” I assured you.

Later it turned out we had met people online before, and we had both slept with people on first dates before. But we comforted ourselves with what we really meant to say, which was: “I don’t normally feel this good about what I’m doing.”

In 185 snapshot moments The Lover’s Dictionary tells the story of a love affair between two people in New York. Moving, funny, heart breaking and life-affirming. It is a story that anyone who has ever fallen in love will recognize.


The most unique thing about this book is its unique narration. This kind of narrative is new to me. It does not follow a timeline or even a story pattern. It tells you few events with the help of one eighty five dictionary words and its meanings. You have to map these events and put it in order to make the story. I enjoyed reading it mainly because it was a task in itself to put the small and poignant memories in order and make a beautiful story out of it. Its all depends on the reader how beautiful he wants to make the story. It’s a The paragraphs were poetic, small and sweet and the whole book hardly took two hours. One thing is, this format did not necessarily guarantee a deep story but I think the narration is the beauty of the book. If it was narrated in a normal way with a normal timeline pattern it would have ended up as another story with the conventional twists of the love story.

I loved the book, loved the narrative, loved the characters (I think I loved the characters because they are created and described through a set of words from dictionary, and still I got the complete picture of what they are.) and to top it all it’s a quick read as well.