Month: May 2010

Chaku’s Bday

I am sure he had a blast on this day. :), especially with the chocolate facial πŸ™‚


A superb cake from cakes and krisps, It almost put my diet in for a toss.


Slowly cutting the cake. Dont worry sweety, no one can stop wats coming next


The inevitable. siba and krishna in action. Its a Italian chocolate facial, so ladies can envy.


Finally, ready for the classic click. πŸ™‚


Trip to Athirapilly

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When i was a kid, I used to go to Athirapilly very frequently as it is close to my home. It was always the journey that amused me all the while. Through the jungle, along with the streams, the journey was all that i wanted. But this time, the exotic beauty of the waterfalls completely swept me off my feet. What was I doing all these years? The chillness of water was so new to me that I felt as if I am a complete Stanger to nature. hmmm I am more used to hyd traffic than nature. that explains it. 😦

My Books

Its always hard for me to stuff my books in a corner :(. Hopefully i will get a new bookshelf by this year end


This year Vishu was too good. Had a β€˜kidilan’ kani. I am glad to share the kani with you people though it is a bit late πŸ™‚