Month: August 2012

Charminar @3AM

I have been to Charminaar many times before. But never ever at 3AM. Sujith, krishna, krishna’s friend and myself – ‘the great’ was having a quiet dinner party at our place with Hyderabad special Biriyani and Haleem. At 12AM sharp dimag ki bathi jali’ and we decided to visit Charminaar. We thought of having a nice view of the monument without any crowd and decided to click some snaps as well.


We were in for a surprise. The place was bloody damn crowded and for around 4 km near Charminaar, there was a bumper to bumper traffic block. Hoila…. The place was buzzing with Ramzaan shopping activities and ladies were shopping like crazy in the street shops. One of the ‘what the!!!’ moments of my life. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

And on top of that, you know the famous famous ice cream’ of Hyderabad, They were open at 2AM and we had a few (err a lot :)) scoops before we headed for our destination Charminaar.

Err don’t believe me?

DSC_0144 DSC_0143

See how the lavender hue gives Charminaar, an ethereal look!!! We loved it.


Street shopping going on both sides of the road. I had a hard time resisting myself from jumping out of the car and picking few sets from the bangle shop. It was colorful….oh no I think the whole place was lit up like a Christmas tree. And we girls were grinning like a Cheshire Cat.



One last look at the beauty before we left the place.


Well…then ….We got lost!!! Despite Google maps and GPS, we got lost in the web of small gallis. And see where we landed –  Near the iconic Pista House of Hyderabad @ 3.30AM 12th August 2012.


We did not stop there to have one. We took the Medhipattanam road which turned out to be a long cut. So to beat the lonely blues of a road trip we stopped near a chai shop and had our morning tea\coffee and biscuit at 4AM. Perfect end of a wonderful and memorable road trip.

Zzzzzzz We lost one Sunday from our calendar as an aftereffect. Got up at 6PM evening next day finally latter winning the battle between sleep and hunger.

P.S…So the post marks my come back to virtual space.  My race to the faster blogger in the eastern countries is still on…